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Welcome to the Nowhere Man homepage. Who knows how you got here, but now that you're here, you may as well look around and listen to some music. All of the Nowhere Man's albums are freely downloadable from the above links.

A Double Life is the Nowhere Man's third album, released in May 2011. It is a reaction to living in Germany for a year. You should listen to that first.

Post Rock Country is the Nowhere Man's second album, released in June 2009. The title track is featured in two versions and is dedicated to Lucas, Kansas.

There and Back Again is the Nowhere Man's first album under this name, released in August 2008. You could say that it is a reaction to going to college and studying abroad. Travel seems to be a consistent theme, doesn't it?

The Best of the Rest: Version 5 is a collection of odds and ends, first made publicly available in June 2009. It contains songs recorded long before There and Back Again, demos recorded around that time, and outtakes from Post Rock Country.

The Nowhere Man is a folk/rock musician named Patrick Vacek. This is not his day job. This website was made entirely by his hand, except for the stats counter. If you're bored, go to http://missingvalues.bandcamp.com/ to listen to Missing Values, of which Patrick was a member while it lasted, or go to http://patricksmusic.blogspot.com/ to read his infrequent music reviews.

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